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White Ball Analytics is an imaginatively named blog that revels in the statistics of white ball cricket. Every fan is familiar with averages, strike rates and bowling economy but here we take it at least a few steps further into the depths of hardcore nerd-dom

The author is a freelance data scientist, sports fan and maths-lover. He prefers ideas to people, arguments to conclusions and he probably prefers maths to sport. But its very close. He also enjoys red wine, travelling and writing in the third-person

If you believe that the man behind White Ball Analytics could help you organisation formulating match plans or auction strategies - please feel free to enquire via joe.harris@whiteballanalytics.com

cricsheet.org: Originally, the data that I used for my analysis almost exclusively comes from CricSheet. They provide ball-by-ball data for Men’s and Women’s Test Matches, ODIs, Twenty20 Internationals, all Indian Premier League seasons, and plenty of other T20 matches from other leagues around the world

espncricinfo.com: Currently, I scrape ball-by-ball commentary from the fairly comprehensive Cricinfo. The vast majority of content on this site is indebted to the scorers who record the matches and web designers who made it reasonably easy to download and parse that data