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White Ball Analytics uses statistical expertise to inform recruitment and match strategy in T20. Every argument made on this site is backed with data and evidence. The world is still learning which strategies work in T20 and White Ball Analytics exists to help decision-makers partner their instincts and experience with cold hard facts

Joe Harris is a data scientist, sports fan and maths-lover. He prefers ideas to people, arguments to conclusions and he probably prefers maths to sport (but its very close). He also enjoys red wine, books you can touch and writing in the third-person. In January 2018, he travelled to Bangalore to assist the Royal Challengers Bangalore with their recruitment strategy in the largest player auction in a decade. RCB subsequently became the bookies favourites for both the tournament and every single individual match within it on the strength of their squad

If you believe that the man behind White Ball Analytics could help you organisation formulating match plans or auction strategies - please feel free to enquire via joe.harris@whiteballanalytics.com

A couple of acknowledgements to people and organisations to whom I am indebted… Stephen Rushe, who created CricSheet which was my original source of data and got me started in cricket statistics in 2013… Cricinfo, who make their ball-by-ball commentary public and easily accessible… and Brian Burke, who made me first fall in love with sports analytics over 10 years ago with his work at Advanced NFL Stats