Services Overview



We can identify and exploit market inefficiencies by using accurate, predictive models of player value to construct winning squads

We also have a deep understanding of the subjective biases in play at drafts and auctions and can help you to mitigate your own and game the system

White Ball Analytics advised the Royal Challengers Bangalore at the 2018 IPL Auction and helped them to construct a squad that became bookies favourites before the tournament

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Match Preparation

Cover all angles of advance scouting and deliver intelligence in easy-to-digest reports to stimulate the finest cricketing minds

We provide interactive tools that allow coaches and players to explore the strengths and weaknesses of opposition players

Our match simulation tool can account for almost any situation. It allows decision-makers to test hypothetical strategies to understand the potential results come game time

Data & Modelling

The dual hearts of White Ball Analytics are data and statistical modelling. Whether you are a coach, agents, traders, fantasy cricket providers… we can provide insight in a format to help you

Our database contains over 1 million individual deliveries from thousands of matches across 40+ leagues. And we combine this we over a decade of experience in data science to problem solve, analyse, and present the data in the best ways possible