Sortable Advanced Stats

There are currently two pages available on this website which contain advanced statistics for batsmen and bowlers, based on the records of my ball-by-ball database, which covers over 1 million deliveries in T20 cricket. Each page houses a table powered by Tableau that allows the user to interact with the data and see which players my system ranks highly

The advanced stats included for batsmen are Runs Added (RA), True Strike Rate (TSR), True Balls per Wicket (TBPW), and True Strike Rate broken down into phases of the game. The advanced stats included for bowlers are Runs Added (RA), True Economy (TE), True Strike Rate (TSR), and True Economy broken down into phases of the game

Image only. Links to the actual interactive tables are included below

Image only. Links to the actual interactive tables are included below

Runs Added is my all-inclusive metric that estimates how many runs a player is worth to their team each match. It incorporates almost all the principles detailed in my series of posts on player evaluation and more. True Stats measure exactly what you expect them to, but adjusted for the relative difficulty of the scenarios that each player finds themselves in: phase, league, venue are all accounted for

The most important feature to be aware of is that all stats are ‘regressed to the mean’, so that a player with only a small sample size finds their averages pulled towards the overall average. This stops players who have one great debut immediately catapulting to the top of the rankings. The adjustment applied isn’t actually as strong as it probably should be (especially for bowlers). There is a lot of randomness in T20 data but my preference is to under-do this adjustment so that new stars have a chance to reach the top of the rankings

The interactive tables themselves work best on a tablet or desktop (i.e. not a phone). You can filter by when the players last played, their country, and batting/bowling styles. You can also select a player from the table and see the raw stats and from which leagues the data is coming. The functionality on the filtering is a bit annoying as you can’t just click away from the drop-down menu to close it. Have a play- you’ll see what I mean. Otherwise, enjoy

Note: These stats were created at the start of November 2018 and are now fairly out-of-date

Link 1: Interactive Advanced Player Stats for batsmen

Link 2: Interactive Advanced Player Stats for bowlers